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Want to know the juicy tidbits about these characters? Well, how about a Frequently Asked Questions section? Too bad, I shortened the name. You're getting an FAQ page instead. Without further adooo, heeeeere are the questions!
1. So, why did you name him SpamFish?
Short answer: That's my internet nickname.
Long answer: Way back before there was a cartoon, I needed a unique internet nickname. I refused to have a username with numbers. Oy. Well, I thought Fish sounded cool, but other people already use that name. I already had a Spam website, so I wanted Spam in the name. Well, I combined them and now I get blank stares everywhere I use the name. I usually explain my nickname as meaning "I like Spam and I also like to take long walks in the summer rain. I like water. So hence, my name!"
 Well, I needed a cartoon to represent me on the internet, since I won't dare use my photo due to privacy, or maybe just because it wouldn't look that good. I toiled and tumbled and twisted and twidled my thumbs to figure out what my cartoon would look like. Months later, it hit me in the head what SpamFish would look like! And there ya go!

2. Why a cat?
The only answer: Why's the sky blue? Why does water drip down? That's just how he appeared to me in my vision!
Oh, okay, maybe a guess at another answer: My dad has a lot of cats. I also see myself as being most like a cat. I'm cuddly, smart, cautious, and like small spaces. That, and I just couldn't make a good lookin' fish.

3. Why does he wear that silly hat?
Short answer: It's a silly hat.
Long answer: At a Spirit Week at school, we had Hat Day. I wore an aluminum foil hat styled the same way a paper hat is made. I liked the idea for SpamFish, but aluminum would be hard to draw, so I used white paper instead.

4. Why is he orange?
He looks good in orange. That's all. Oh yah, and that's my favorite color.

5. Why is the site closed-captioned and why do you have that Rated G thing on the homepage?
I wanted to use those 2 symbols that you see on TV all the time. I wanted to include the "In Stereo" logo too, but I don't have any sound, as of when this was written. And IF I had sound, I don't have the equipment to have stereo, anyway.

6. Are you on anything?
My chair. No, really, I'm not on any drugs, I'm just naturally weird.

©1999-2000 Lunchmeat Productions. All Rights Reserved and all that stuff. All images(except ones on advertisement) are created by Garrett and may not be used on other sites. SpamFish is owned by Garrett and he owns all rights to the cartoon, so there! He created the cartoon, by the way. Why am I speaking in third person? I don't make any money from this cartoon(yet), so don't get mad if I use a trademarked name.
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