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Fan Art! Even though the cartoon hasn't hit the TV or any newspapers yet, it already has fans. He is seen at school a lot(I like to advertise my cartoon), so people have started to like the cartoon. And now... FAN ART!
Powerpuff Girls... and a cat By Dustin
"Powerpuff Girls... and a cat" 
The writing is a little small under the logo, but it does say "And a Cat". Also small is the writing on SpamFish's shirt, which says "Y2K is Neat". I wear Y2K shirts every now and then. I have at least 4, but none like that. 

Click here for a bigger version

By Dustin
"Spam Dance" 
A downright silly picture of SpamFish Dancing. Done originally in pencil by Dustin, colored by Garrett with the help of his computer. 

Click here for bigger version
Click here for original pencil drawing

Cool 'n silly picture of SpamFish dancing

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