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Homepage Image Archive! I don't like to throw away good pictures, so here's the archive of pictures I've used on the homepage!
<--April 2000(April showers bring major "grrr"s for cats, except SpamFish. He loves it!)


<--March 2000(In politics, the cartoon party has nothing to do with party hats and streamers... so we recycle them!)

SpamFish and groundhog
SpamFish and groundhog
<-- February 2000(Great weather, no matter WHAT the groundhog says)

SpamFish<-- January 2000(Now Y2K compliant!)
SpamFish<-- December 1999(Bringing holiday joy, without all the soy!)
SpamFish<--November 1999(First month, so no slogan)

©2000 Lunchmeat Productions. All Rights Reserved and all that stuff. All images(except ones on advertisement) are created by Garrett and may not be used on other sites. SpamFish is owned by Garrett and he owns all rights to the cartoon, so there! He created the cartoon, by the way. Why am I speaking in third person? I don't make any money from this cartoon(yet), so don't get mad if I use a trademarked name.