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- Ted picture



Animal: Party Animal and a Toaster
Role: Antagonist and Toaster
Voiced By: A Computer
Phrase(s): "Toasting" & "Upgrade Me!"
Likes: toasting
Dislikes: Anvils, mallets, safes, and anything else that can fall on  him.
Favorite Color: a golden brown
Hobbies: Toasting odd things(like Spam), posing as a person in chat rooms, upgrading himself(it's an obsession, actually), trying to take over the world.
Quirks: He wants to take over the world
- He's the computerized talking toaster that SpamFish invented. Originally invented to do things like butter the toast, add garlic, and things like that, but then he was reprogrammed by a jealous friend named Molly and now he wants to rule the world! Ever since then, he has become the target of many jokes and many anvils, plus he has to ride on top of the car. -
- ©2000 Lunchmeat Productions. All Rights Reserved. Whoa, that 2000 looks weird there. -