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INTRODUCING! The Vun of all Duns! A garage band that will add some pizzazz to your life with their dynamic ditties. That image up there is the CD cover and the image down there is the back cover for the case.


The Vuns:

Won: The leader of the group and keyboard player.

Tou: The second Vun and guitar player.

Freee: The third Vun and drummer.


The Album:

(Art by Garrett)
Their first album and their logo. The first song on this CD is also the main theme for the SpamFish TV show. It's also the song that gave them their name.
  1. Vun-Da-Dun Dunn
  2. Broccoli
  3. It's the Vun Dun!
  4. Vun-Da-Dun Dunn, backwards(psychedelic!)
  5. Alligator Vun-Dee
  6. Pen Eraser
  7. °
  8. What Was Dat?
  9. Curse of the Sooprmen
  10. Won Ton Fever
  11. Trak 11
  12. Ciao

Look for our next CD "Buy WON, Get TOU FREEE" in June!

Listen to the Vun Dun song!

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