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- Zerox picture


Animal: Alien
Role: deadpan(like Moltar)
Voiced By: Dustin
Phrase(s): (unexplainable noise)
Likes: Drawing, weird music, drawing weird music(don't ask)
Dislikes: Pen/pencil erasers(the ones that are supposed to erase both pen and pencil marks. They don't work)
Favorite color: Blue
Hobbies: Everything mentioned in Weird Al's song "I'm calling in Sick today"
Quirks: No mouth, but he talks somehow. 
- After nearly squashing SpamFish when landing his spaceship(the CamelSpit) at a department store, he found out that SpamFish also liked weird music(after the two fought over the last Weird Al CD at the store. "Hey! Aren't you the guy I almost squashed today?").

If Zerox is like any other cartoon character, it would be Moltar(From "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast"). He doesn't move much and is very monotone, but he can be very interesting if there's lively instrumental music playing in the background. He always carries a CD player with him with that kind of music just in case people can't stand the monotoneness of his voice. He would carry a more high-tech music player, but he likes the shine of CD's.

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