Ciao! (Liz) .Ciao .Ciao!
I was walking down the highway.
I was getting kind of hungry.
I went up to the pizza store.
and I got me a ham salad sandwich.

[chorus, .with .feeling]
This is the last track of the frisbee. I hope you enjoy our other songs. I know this song didn't translate very clearly, but nobody in Missouri would notice anyway.
[.end chorus]

I was surfing on the web.
I like how those addresses start out.
They have a strange yet natural ring.
I will sing them right now...

.VU .VU .VU!!! (.music) .VU .VU .VU!!! (.music) .VU .VU .VU .punto .vunduns .punto .homestead .punto .com! Yes, we like to advertise.

Cats are on my porch.
None of them are ours.
They come from all around our neighborhood.
They consider the place their lounge.


(.Sing .like .in .".Makin' .Sandwiches", .the .smooth, .rhythmic .part)
I walk to a place often.
The name was never translated.
.La .notte . .fonda .fonda(.before .each .night .is .done)
.Dagmar always says "What's up!"

(.sing .crazy)
On top of spagetti,
All covered with cheese.
I lost my poor meatball,
And forgot the last verse!

Two, Three, Four!

I wrote this song at 5 hundred hours
I had no caffeine but I had this song.
I typed it up, saved it many times,
Got really tired, so I sing this again.

[Chorus, .normal]
[Chorus, .backwards! .Polka!]
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