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For April
These comics are closed-captioned for image-impaired browsers

Happy April Fools Day!
April Fools Day joke that turned on Sykko

If I worked at a fast food place, I would do this.
Welcome to O'Meals, would you like to make fun of my hat?

This really happened to me, and yes, I live in Missouri.:
Typical Missouri weather. It changes so suddenly.

I'm hungry
(...which has nothing to do with this comic strip, but so what?)
Look! It's Sykko!

This one I did for a grade in art class. Good, isn't it? Aww, they all are:)
A safe hammock


This month's guests: Animaniacs!
Animaniacs comic strip. Another one coming next month!

See some of my other artwork of the Animaniacs and other cartoons!


This comic strip was drawn by Dustin, voice of Zerox Emoron, and artist for Zerox Emoron. Uh, colored by Garrett.
First comic starring Fuego Hare

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Even the comics page is closed captioned! If you have a text-only browser, which is very UNlikely, or you have images turned off, you can still see what's going on, even though it's a LOT more funnier with the pictures.(Bad grammer intended. Don't complain!)

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