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- Kitty picture



Animal: Yep, She's A Cat
Role: Overeater and antagonist to SpamFish
Voiced By: Marissa
Phrase(s): "I'm hungry!" & "I have the Weebie-Jeebies!"
Likes: Food, normal music, books
Dislikes: Spam, Fish Heads, tomatoes, and computers
Favorite Color: (unknown)
Hobbies: Reading, eating
Quirks: She eats everything and she's computer phobic
- She's the friend of Syko, SpamFish's neighbor. SpamFish is just a friend of a friend to her. She gets annoyed at SpamFish fairly easily, especially when he squirts her with a water bottle.

Throw a pie at her! Don't worry, it won't mess up her makeup, she'll eat it before it hits her(the pie, that is)! She's pleasantly plump and doesn't mind it, but if you joke about it, ohhhhhh, duck and cover. She's afraid of computers, she'll go around one only if there's someone else nearby. She's the only one in the crew that doesn't have a computer.

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