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- SpamFish picture



Animal: Cat
Role: Main Character. Loony Guy
Voiced By: Garrett
Phrase(s): "Oy!"
Likes: Weird music, torturing the toaster, non-sequitors, Spam
Dislikes: Air "fresheners" and tomatoes, unless the tomatoes are projectiles and the air fresheners are targets. Also soy-based foods and foods with artificial flavoring.
Favorite Color: orange, bright green, and light blue(preferably together)
Hobbies: Surfing the internet, making stick figure people out of toothpicks, walking in the rain, adding personality to things(You should see his car), falling down.
Quirks: Wears that paper hat everywhere. 
- Garrett DaWeirdo was a cartoonist in real life until he found the Genie Of The Lava Lamp. He was given one wish and he wished to be SpamFish, the main character in his comic strips. So, with a zap, a bang, and the sound of a piano dropping, he became SpamFish. He had always wished he had the powers of a cartoon character, and now he had them. He was happy, and he was a cat.
He now has an apartment, some friends, and a small blue car with an anvil launcher in back. He enjoys his cartooniness and uses it frequently. Strangely enough, this cat likes walking in the rain! He likes to share the joy of rain by taking Kitty out in the rain, but she doesn't have the same feelings about rain. Syko doesn't mind it though.
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