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Animal: Bulldog
Role: The buff guy
Voiced By: Dan
Phrase(s): "Grrr..."
Likes: Pumping iron
Dislikes: People misspelling his name
Favorite Color: black
Hobbies: Computer games
Quirks: Temper. Shows his teeth a lot.
- He has the apartment just below SpamFish. That's how they know each other. While SpamFish's apartment is colorful and cheery(maybe a little outspoken), Syko's apartment is dark and castle-like[See a picture of it!]. SpamFish and Syko have different interests, so people have asked why they're friends, and neither of them know.

By the way, you may have noticed that the spelling of Syko's name has changed. I changed it so it looks more like it should be pronounced "Psycho".

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