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What they look like The Characters!
In order: Syko, Kitty, SpamFish, Ted

Picture of SpamFish giving a thumbs-upWho are we?!

Maybe I should tell you!

 He's tiny(5 feet tall), he's toony(and orange), he's altogether loony, but he's not on Tiny Toons, my friend. He's got his own cartoon! He's zany, he's on the homepage of this site, and oh no, he's on the left side of this page! He likes Spam, although when I actually start making money from this cartoon, he'll just like lunchmeat and his name will be Fish. Until then, I'll use trademarked names as much as possible! I hope to get this cartoon on Cartoon Network and maybe produced by Warner Bros. too! I'm a huge fan of the Animaniacs.
Speaking of Animaniacs, which I do like to do, SpamFish is a lot like Wakko. If you like Wakko, you'll like SpamFish, although nobody could top Wakko, I admit that. He also has a similar voice! Maybe I'll have sound files a month from now(This site is updated monthly). SpamFish is voiced by Garrett, the creator of the cartoon.

TED 2.0
 Created by SpamFish so he'll have a toaster that'll also butter and garlic the toast, but the toaster had other plans. Yes, he's trying to take over the world! He can't deny the fact that he's a toaster though, so if you want him to stop what he's doing, just stick some bread or a bagel in it(or anything else you can think of, but keep it clean because toasters burn things). He'll begin toasting it while you make your great escape. He likes it when people talk about him, so I'll stop typing now. Oh, and he's voiced by himself.

 A friend of SpamFish. He's a bulldog with a mean attitude, black clothes, and a love for spicy dog biscuits(unconfirmed, but I'll put one in his lunch sometime and see). He's basically a minor character, but he prefers sidekick, even though he's just a minor character. He is voiced by Dan.

 Throw a pie at her! Don't worry, it won't mess up her makeup, she'll eat it before it hits her! She's pleasantly plump and doesn't mind it, but if you joke about it, ohhhhhh, duck and cover. She's afraid of computers, but she'll go around one if there's someone else nearby. She's the only one in the crew that doesn't have a computer. She is voiced by Marisa.

Zerox Emoron
 Oh yah, I forgot one. This guy is kinda boring, but he makes up for it by listening to a lot of weird music. Zerox likes the girls, but the girls are afraid of him. Ya know why? He's an alien(insert spooky music here)! He owns the spaceship S.S. Camelspit. He is voiced and drawn by Dustin, who by the way provided some fan art on the Pictures page.

And that's all of the major characters, or at least the characters worth mentioning. And now, the boring legal stuff...

©1999 Lunchmeat Productions. All Rights Reserved and all that stuff. All images(except ones on pop-up advertisement and NedStat Checkmark) are created by Garrett and may not be used on other sites. SpamFish is owned by Garrett and he owns all rights to the cartoon, so there! He created the cartoon, by the way. Why am I speaking in third person? I don't make any money from this cartoon(yet), so don't get mad if I use a trademarked name.
Got questions about a character? Email me! I welcome questions!