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For February
These comics are closed-captioned for image-impaired browsers

[Closed Captioning] [YET ANOTHER TITANIC PARODY] SpamFish: I'm king of the world! I... swallowed a bug! (splash)

[Closed Captioning] SpamFish: Hmmm... (taps fingers) uhhhhhh... ehhhhh......(Computer has PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE) I can't decide which one!

[Closed Captioning] (Too much talking to write. Too time-consuming to type)

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Even the comics page is closed captioned! If you have a text only browser, which is very UNlikely, you can still see what's being said, even though it's a LOT more funnier with the pictures.(Bad grammar intended. Don't complain!)

©2000 Lunchmeat Productions. All Rights Reserved and all that stuff. All images(except ones on advertisement) are created by Garrett and may not be used on other sites. SpamFish is owned by Garrett and he owns all rights to the cartoon, so there! He created the cartoon, by the way. Why am I speaking in third person? I don't make any money from this cartoon(yet), so don't get mad if I use a trademarked name.
Doesn't that 2000 look weird next to the copy write symbol? We've gotten so used to seeing "©19__". Imagine the ending credits of movies! © MM is what they will say now! And then, © MMI! Weeiirrd...