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Minor Characters

(They don't get their own card)

Al Bino
Animal: squirrel
Voiced by: Keith
Quirks: A big tail that looks like really tall hair when you look at him from the front. Talks fast. Hyper.
     He's one of Ted's main henchmen. In the animated cartoon, he's the security guard at the Mega Video Game Convention. He likes to wear army-like uniforms. Makes him feel powerful.
Feebs DaWeirdo
Animal: cat
Likes: stuff
Dislikes: Mayonnaise
Favorite Color: green
     SpamFish's big sister. Acts just like any big sister would act. Pestering her little brother whenever she's nearby, and, uhh, more of that kind of stuff. She's pretty much as loony as SpamFish. She also lives clear across town from SpamFish, so they don't see each other that much.

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