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Drawings of other 'toons!

I like to draw pictures of my favorite cartoon characters, and here are some favorites!
"Boo Wants To Be A Millionaire!"
Chicken Boo tries his hands(or, uh wings) at winning a million dollars. Maybe now he can afford some super-duper-strength glue for his disguises!

FYI: Chicken Boo is a character on Animaniacs that disguises himself as a human(like in the picture below) and almost gets away with it, but in the end, his disguise fails and the other characters find out he's a chicken.

"Boo Gates"
Here's Chicken Boo in his latest disguise.
In memory of Charles Schulz, I drew this.
We salute you, Sparky!

Click to see full version "OOO! Trademark Phrases!"
Yes, I did it ALL freehand. It started out as a picture of Scooby, then Pikachu, then Fred Flintstone. After those, I noticed that they all have rhyming trademarks, so I added Wakko with his "Faboo!" and I added Yogi and Boo-Boo to make a comment about the picture, also rhyming.
I am proud of this one. With all the color, it really looks nice, although I'm sure you can see for yourself how nice it is. Go ahead. Click on the picture to see the full version! (94 KB)

"School Lunch" 
Is that a small preview or what? Gotta keep download size small ya know! 
This is a look at what lunch was like the Thursday before Christmas vacation. I meant to be emphasizing the smallness of the lunch, but I got a lot of responses about the grossness of it. Well, I always did have Wakko's sense of humor.
Click the picture for the full size(a small  35 KB) >>
Very small preview. Click here for bigger picture

Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole "Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole"
These two characters are from "2 Stupid Dogs". Cartoon Network did a Super Chunk on Secret Squirrel on Jan. 29th and I just had to draw him and his sidekick.
Fast Fact: Jess Harnell, the voice of Secret Squirrel, later went on to be the voice of Wakko from the Animaniacs.
Both Secret Squirrel and Wakko Warner are pretty similar. They both express their cartooniness very well, both make their grand entrance by popping out of something, and neither wear pants!

A picture of Wakko Warner making his trademark "Gookie" face. I drew this for a locker poster and thought "Hey, why not put it on the website?", and I did, as you can clearly see. 
Wakko is my favorite cartoon character of all time on my favorite show of all time. The movie "Wakko's Wish" came out on video December 21. Go rent it! 
There were a total of 3 gookies in the movie:)
Wakko making a Gookie

Bugs Bunny! "Bugs!" 
I was bored one day, I use a Bugs Bunny mechanical pencil for my sketches, this drawing had to be drawn sometime.

"Buster Bunny" 
Another one of my favorite shows is Tiny Toons Adventures. Here's a picture I drew of Buster Bunny.
Hey, Buster!

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