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...But first, here's the miscellaneous!
SpamFish waving Here's the first SpamFish web graphic. 
He was done in pencil and colored on the computer.


Thumbs up! This is a common gesture made by SpamFish. Garrett does this even more. Sometimes he just holds this pose for a long time just to annoy people. It works! Yah, both of them do that. He's giving the tumbs up

The crew Here's the original drawing of the entire crew. They've changed since then.
In order, there's Syko, Kitty, SpamFish, and Ted.

The original drawing of Ted 2.0, this is the first EVER drawn. Ted 2.0

©1999-2000 Lunchmeat Productions. All Rights Reserved and all that stuff. All images(except advertisement) are created by Garrett and may not be used on other sites. SpamFish is owned by Garrett and he owns all rights to the cartoon, so there! He created the cartoon, by the way. Why am I speaking in third person? I don't make any money from this cartoon(yet), so don't get mad if I use a trademarked name.